Internship Week #5: It Has Finally Happened!

I think it has finally happened! After several weeks of trial and error, I think my search for a website theme has finally come to an end. After last week, I continued working on the few themes I already had (as pictured in my previous post), but just could not get them right. As I continued to work with those themes with hopes of making one work, I decided to restart my hunt for a different theme on the off chance I would find something, which I think I did.

The image above is a screenshot of the website with the theme. The theme needs more customization, but it meets all the needs (and wants) the project coordinators and I have been striving for, in addition to a number of other features that will really enhance the site. First and foremost, the theme allows for color! The outlines on everything is a gold that works well with the green we are trying to incorporate (which will be utilized in the upcoming header I am designing). The most exciting item though, is that this theme has a slider, which was recommended by one of my professors, Dr. French. Above is just a shot of one of the slides. The beauty is that it rotates and it is not just for aesthetics. The slides all link to an encyclopedia entry that relates to what is in the photo. But, it gets better! The slider is featured on the homepage. On the other pages, you see what is below:

Each of the slides on the slider become what (I think) are known as “promo card” and does the same thing as the slider; however, different from the slider, these pages show four entries side-by-side. These will rotate as more entries are posted. I think this is a really nice feature that will help keep the attention of visitors, allowing for different formatting, but at the same time not so different that it is discombobulating.

Now that I have the theme selection sorted, that leaves creating a header, which is something I am actively working on and should be up shortly. Then it is all about focusing on content- revising and formatting old content and getting new content up. The goal is to have as much ready as possible for THATCamp Florida 2017 where my fellow project coordinators will be presenting. I sadly will be missing THATCamp and presenting with my fellow project coordinators as I will be at another conference out of the country. But I will be working hard the next week to produce a presentable website to be showcased.

I will not be posting on my internship for the upcoming two weeks. As I stated, I will be out of the country. I am terribly excited as I will be presenting some of my research at a conference in London, England, as well as visiting a number of archives for my thesis, and also enjoying the city as a whole. While I may not be posting for my internship, I will be posting my time in London, including my visits to museums, historical sights (though I guess you could argue London is in itself one large historical sight!), and my time in the archives. This will be my first time in London, or overseas for that matter. I am a little anxious, but more so excited and cannot wait to get there. I look forward to sharing the experience!

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