Internship Week #11: A Long To-Do List

I meant for spring break a time of getting ahead on a bunch of tasks that I had been working on since I returned; however, I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked during spring break. This week has been about trying to play catch up so to speak and getting as much done as possible so I can move forward with other tasks for the project. The design of the website has taken a back seat and I am trying to work on formatting the current content so it is uniform. In that process I have also been editing, which has taken more time than I anticipated. In addition, the resources page is taking a lot longer than I had hoped. I have been going through a number of sources, trying to see which are relevant to the project and finding ways to organize them. I think that has been the biggest challenge with the resources. Having a simple long list, while more than nothing, does not help when looking for something specific. So trying to find a way to organize everything, how to categorize the resources, is a challenge. I think another issue is that I find myself so captivated by the sources we have collected since the project began that a lot of my time is spent on simply exploring these resources out of my own interest and curiosity. This coming week I have to be a little more mindful of time so my to-do list shortens.

In this coming week I plan to finish everything I have been working on listed up above. My next steps include working on an encyclopedia entry of my own for the website. The conference paper I presented in London has a lot of research that I think I can use for an encyclopedia entry. It centers on my own personal research, specifically the American perspective on shell shock. I am going to go through my conference paper and sift through the research and see what I can use. Once I have that done, I am going to outline the entry. Hopefully I can complete a draft of the entry in the coming week and have something to present the week after next. In that time as well, I need to also work on the historiography.

I am definitely feeling the time crunch as the end of the semester is rapidly approaching. I have to keep reminding myself though, that just because the internship ends the first week of May, that does not mean that the work on the project ends- or my work on the project ends. I will be continuing to work on the project and anything that needs to be completed can be completed after the internship is over as well; however, I do want my time with this project in an intern role to have a lot to show for it, and a lot to work with once it has come to an end.

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