London Day 6: Shakespeare’s Globe, Science Museum, & Victoria and Albert Museum

I have truly fallen in love with this city. Today (or yesterday as this post is going up a day later) was another day filled with history and (as I overly used in my last post) full of surreal moments.

Day six in London began on the tube, as it does every day. I think I finally have the tube system down. I was nervous when I first arrived that I would not be able to figure it out and somehow find myself lost, but it really has proven simple- and very quick. But I digress. I made my way to Blackfriars Station and after a lengthy walk, I was at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos from the inside. The Company was rehearsing a new production of The Taming of the Shrew and no photographs were allowed; however, if you have never been, take my word for it that it was incredible. I was told by the guide that everything, while constructed in the 1990s, was constructed as it would have been when the first Globe Theatre was constructed in the the late 1500s- even down to the roof, which apparently is the only one like it in the city of London since the type of roof they have has been illegal since the 1600s, at least according to the guide. Apparently it took a decade (or more) to get the city of London to grant permission to have such a roof. Maybe it is banal, but I thought it was interesting.

Following my time at the Globe, I made my way to South Kensington Station and explored two museums: the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum. My interest in the Science Museum was due to an exhibit they currently have on display called Wounded: Conflict, Casualties and Car. The exhibit discusses just as it is titled and focuses on the First World War. Just as with the Imperial War Museum, my research came to life. I will post more about my research, but it deals with not only the First World War, but the wounded in the war, so this exhibit was another moment of connecting with my research. I took well over 100+ photographs of the exhibit. Though relatively small, I was in it for nearly two hours and walked through it a second time.

If I have time I want to go back to the museum and go through the exhibit again- take some more photos and notes while I am there.

After the Science Museum (which has a number of other amazing items and exhibits) I went to the Victoria & Albert Museum. I must admit I was highly overwhelmed by how much they have there. That is definitely an all day trip if you want to see everything- if that is even possible. I spent a few hours there, but did not even skim the surface.

The pieces they have in the museum are spectacular, but I think the museum itself, the building, is stunning. As with the Science Museum, if I have time I am going to go back; however, I think I am going to do a little bit more research, seeing what they have and prioritizing.

Tomorrow morning (or when this post goes up- today) I get to research at the Imperial War Museum. They have a few items waiting for me and hopefully I can get a few more pulled. After more research I have found a number of other items I really want to see and possibly use in my research. Hopefully they will be able to help or maybe they can pull the items for my second appointment that I have before I leave.

Anyway, I am off to try and figure out my last week here. I have a lot left to do and want to be sure I plan out my days to get the most out of them.

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